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GMT provides horizontal IC solutions across the complete semiconductor marketplace for energy efficient and high performance ICs. Next generation EDA and IP flows employ relative timing technology which enables seamless integration of multiple timing domains into a single design. This approach provides an average 3X reduction in energy usage, along with substantial additional improvements in performance, area, and noise. Employing green GMT technology through implementation services or partnerships can give your company a substantial competitive advantage. Our solutions scale from conservative half micron mixed signal designs to high performance designs employing the leading edge 28nm process technologies, and will scale well beyond the 2020 technology nodes.

Go with Fast, Green IC's.

Power is one of the most difficult design challenges in the IC industry today. With GMT's relative timing technology, your products can achieve an improvement of 3 or more in power reduction. This technology can also improve performance by a factor of 2 or more while reducing the area and manufacturing costs of your design by 20% or more. Our relative timing technology provides PVT robutness and enables low voltage operation, simplifying energy harvesting devices that support green ICs. Employing advanced technology nodes or mixed signal designs? Power supply noise and EMI radiation can be reduced by a factor of 5 or more with this technology. GMT's technology and tools enable faster system level integration with lego-like composability.

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